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Our Guarantee:


We promise you these four things:

  1. We will help protect your bridal gown from spills and stains, and...

  2. We will make you look your stylish best while doing it.

  3. You will be able to wear your TIDY-BRIDE on many occasions, long after the wedding.

  4. If we fail to keep any of the above promises -- and you are not 100% satisfied -- we will give you your money back.

Thanks to this guarantee, the only risk is not ordering your TIDY-BRIDE!
What other bridal accessory gives you peace of mind?

Below you will find a few of our favorite letters from customers who purchased their TIDY-BRIDE Classic Aprons at bridal shops. We hope to hear from you too, with comments, questions and suggestions on how we're doing and how we can serve you better. Contact Us.

Best wishes for a wonderful wedding and happy life!


Charlotte Feldman

Buyer Reviews:

Below are a few of our favorite letters from customers who purchased their
Classic Aprons at bridal shops:

“You saved my wedding and my relationship with my new brother-in-law, Dave. At our reception, he made the toast to the bride and groom. He was very excited and lifted his glass with a lot of energy and blam! Splashes of red wine all over the front of my dress. My dad was red-faced and my mom looked ready to faint. It could have been a nightmare, but I was wearing my Tidy-Bride, so after dinner I just took off the apron and I was able to enjoy the evening and so was everyone else.
Thank you, Tidy-Bride!”
Janine LaThomas, Columbus, Ohio

“Even though I didn’t spill a bit of food on myself, I was so glad to have had my gorgeous Tidy-Bride apron. It allowed me to relax and enjoy the wedding dinner much more because I was less nervous about accidents and I knew I would look my best. I can’t imagine a bride not wanting a Tidy-Bride.”
Robin Bernstein, Palo Alto, California

“Our wedding is now a beautiful memory, my wedding gown stayed picture perfect and my Tidy-Bride apron will be a beautiful family heirloom. I am saving it to make into a christening gown someday for our future blessed events. What a great invention!”
Tanya Fiorentino, Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania

“As much as I loved wearing my Tidy-Bride at my wedding dinner, I loved it even more on my honeymoon. Who says you have to wear a wedding gown with your Tidy-Bride!”
Heather Hill Lindquist, Winetka, Illinois

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