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Available in 6 beautiful styles, each TIDY-BRIDE Bridal Apron is lightweight and comfortable, and able to stop food and drink spills like no napkin can.



Isn't Your Wedding Gown
Worth the Protection of a
Bridal Apron?

It's only the most important day of your life, you're at a big fancy dinner, and wearing the most precious gown you've ever worn. And, oh yes--it's white. That's always been a recipe for disaster, until now. Now you can relax and enjoy the dinner and the reception. Because over your gown, you're wearing a TIDY-BRIDESM Bridal Apron.

Be Picture Perfect for the Photos!

Don't let food and drink spills, splatters and stains spoil your gown, your wedding photos, and your wedding. Save yourself the embarrassment, not to mention the costs of cleaning your wedding gown or even retouching your wedding pictures. Wear a luxurious TIDY-BRIDE Classic French Apron at dinner...at the reception--in a style, shade and size to complement your wedding gown, whether with sleeves or sleeveless, V-neck, high-neck, strapless or scoop neck. Here is the ultimate bridal gown accessory!

No dinner napkin can give you the coverage
or the confidence of TIDY-BRIDE!

A simple napkin just can't give you the full coverage of an elegant TIDY-BRIDE Classic Apron, or the confidence of knowing what's beneath the luxurious outer lace: a patented 2-layer stain-stopping system that (1) repels spills and (2) helps block them from your gown. So you can relax and enjoy your wedding feast, even if beef gravy, red wine and tomato soup are on the menu.

Besides peace of mind, you get a piece of history.

Based on the classic designs of the traditional bavette--the lacey apron once worn by European aristocracy to protect their priceless gowns during formal banquets--TIDY-BRIDE bavettes revive this elegance for today's smart and stylish bride. Each TIDY-BRIDE is custom crafted to order in the U.S.A. with the quality of a precious heirloom to be passed on to future generations. And of course, your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

When the wedding ends,
the uses of TIDY-BRIDE just begin.

This is not
your mother's apron!
Unlike the bridal gown it protects, your TIDY-BRIDE Classic Apron can dress up many an occasion long after the shoes and rice...whether as the ultimate in sophisticated lingerie (our customers tell us it's a hit on honeymoons)...or as the most elegant hostess apron your guests will ever see. For a night out, TIDY-BRIDE --worn over a top, a fashion bra, or nothing at all--can combine with evening pants or a skirt to transform an average outfit into an alluring high fashion statement. And, of course, any prom dress or other formal can be perfectly accessorized and protected with a TIDY-BRIDE. Fact is, it's just too pretty to wear once and store in a drawer.

Thanks to the luxurious protection of TIDY-BRIDE, you'll have one less thing to worry about on your special day, and one more way to add that classic touch and elegant attention to detail that makes your wedding unique and distinctive.

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